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The itineraries in this programme covers trekking and mountaineering in the Sikkim Himalaya. Discover some new trek routes in the region.

Sikkim was regarded as an abode of GOD and was one of the oldest as well as the hidden Nation of the world till 1975. The aboriginal inhabitants LEPCHA called themselves for Sikkim- NYE – MAYALYANG which means abode of God who created

the First Human Couple and other essential things for their use from Mt. Khangchendzonga.

And till now old Lepcha from villages believe that there is a track in Tolung Valley which leads the luckiest person to NYE-MAYALYANG where one can find all types of vegetation, crops, animals live in harmony along with a human couple who become older as the day passes. A Lepcha was considered as a Medicine man in olden days among the neighbours because these people knew the use of various plants. Even great writers like Mr. J. D, Hookers has also mentioned in his book during eighteen century about this tribe.

Lepcha of today believe, worship and celebrate a festival called Tendong Hlo Rum Faat which falls on 8th August of every year as one of the Lepcha clan believe that they were saved because of Tendong Hill during the great deluge. Likewise, different Lepcha clans have their own Mountain to worship because of which they were saved. Thus each clan has a spiritual and physical connection with their particular Mountain in their daily lives. After the arrival of Namgyal Dynasty from Tibet in 1640, worship of Mt. Kangchendzongna was motivated to the Buddhist way and is called at present days, PANG LHABSOL where initially, LEPCHA PRIEST has to perform worship rituals which will then be followed by the Buddhist way by demonstrating Mask and Monastery rituals.

They still believe that killing of animals, making dirty around, snatching forest things and making louder noise will certainly bring GOD’s unhappiness and curse to those who do not follow the rules of in God’s place, especially at high altitudes, wild places, rivers and lakes. If someone desires to take something from the wild, then he has to seek permission from the Nature God and then take without harming others.
In this small holy land, alleviation during trekking varies to 5352 meters and Mountain Expedition to Peaks 8585 meters. The routes will provide opportunity to pass across unexpected variety of flora like Orchids, Rhododendrons, medicinal plants and fauna like fishes, birds, butterflies, insects, blue sheep, red panda, musk deer, wild ass, people – custom and tradition, mythical local stories, Mountain and Landscape, rivers and tributaries.

Keeping in view of all segments of ones interest and capability i.e. in each region, there are HARD, HARDER, and HARDEST trekking routes and as a whole divided into Three Trekking Regions i.e. WEST, NORTH and MOUNTAIN TRAIL which is combination of former two along with new area, based on the same concepts. The Trekking cost will fluctuate as per demand of guest, number, region and early booking confirmation will facilitate to have better escorting staffs as well as avoid last minute inconvenience. Thus, these regions being at high altitude area, require physical fitness and advice to maintain certain standard of services to complete your adventure holiday and making memorable for the future.

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